You know, most girls when they are little wish for a pony. I wanted and still want a dog. It was and still is a more realistic wish.


Yesterday, I went with my friend on a stadium close by. I don’t know if I should call it a stadium because it’s small compared with what I see on TV. But, it’s still a stadium to us none the less. The stadium has a rugby field, about 6 tennis courts, 2 football/basketball courts and you can even go jogging there. Also, it has an archery field and a place for riding horses.

We were watching the guys there play rugby and catching up since we get to spend little time together.

We chatted till late and we only noticed how late it was when it started to get cold. On our way home out we noticed a little horse grazing. At first we thought it was a baby horse but when we got close we realized it was a pony.

It was cute and it got close to the fence and we managed to pet it. The pony was so gentle. He didn’t mind us petting him and he just did his thing, we did our squealing of joy.

We were petting a pony!

It was so random and yet a really nice end to the day. My friend even made a wish because she never touched a pony, not even a horse.

I just can’t wait to brag about it to Johnny. After all, he was so happy when he got to pet a Saint Bernard. I wanted to take a picture of it, but I enjoyed more petting it. Plus, I thought it will get scared of the flash since it was dark.

Even so, enjoy some random pics of guys playing rugby.