But I realized I can’t be happy when I’m tired.

 I have so many reasons to be happy.  

  • In less than two weeks Johnny is coming home.
  • Yesterday I applied for the IELTS test at British Council here in Bucharest. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years but never got the chance.
  • Supernova, one of my favorite boy bands is releasing a new single. I really like them a lot.
  • I’m almost half way to finish my third gobelin (not my cat gobelin but my tulips gobelin).
  • I got money in my pocket.
  • I am in my new office which is all cleaned and nice, plus it’s quiet and very relaxing.
  • Even if it’s hot outside, I know autumn is just around the corner.
  •  The annoying co-worker is on a 2 week vacation. I consider it as my own personal vacation … from her.

 And, everything is falling into place really nice and there’s nothing going wrong right now.

 I’m in a happy spot, but I can’t enjoy because I’m tired. Yesterday I should’ve been jumping for joy after I registered for the IELTS test (which is on 25 September). But I was gloomy, I was tired and I was so hot (from the heat okay) that I just wanted to get home and take a shower.

 Being tired sucks.