I said yesterday that there are only two movies that am I really waiting for. But I was wrong, cause only after I made that post I’ve found this little article on allkpop.

It’s about “Blood: The last vampire“, not the anime but MOVIE!!!

Blood: The Last Vampire” is scheduled to premiere in Japan first on the 29th of May. It will then be released in the UK on June 12th and in France on June 17th, but the date for its US release has not been officially announced yet.

It doesn’t say anything about being released in other countries but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up hope. I really really really want to see this movie and the trailer kicks ass. Plus the leading lady, Jun Ji Hyun, looks really awesome with a sword and in a school uniform.

It’s a bit funny cause I’ve Google it and there were a lot of websites talking about it. Wow! I just wish they would make a huge banner with all the movies that will come out this year.