Yesterday, I decided to take a photography walk on my way home.

I was thinking that the weather was pretty gloomy and not many people would be out on the streets. You see, I have this thing that stops me from taking my camera out if I see people around me. It’s not embarrassment or anything like that. It’s just fear of being mugged. I’m pretty attached to my camera and I don’t dare use it if I’m alone.

 Irrational fear some might say, but in my 23 years I’ve seen plenty of things happen.

Moving on…

I was pretty sure I would take some really good pictures because it was raining, it was almost dark and I could freely use my camera.

Boy was I wrong.

Because it was raining and the temperature was -2 degrees Celsius, everything was slippery and it was really cold. I barely made it to the bus stop in one piece. Not only that, but when I tried to close my umbrella I realized the rain drops on it were frozen. That was a first for me.

I did take some photos but I was in a hurry. I was in my sneakers and I was trying not to fall down. Well, I’ve learned my lesson and in the future I’ll pay more attention to the weather outside when I get the urge to go for a walk. That, and I bought a new hat, just in case.