So, I’ve been busy these days with work, learning for work, my fitness routine, and just trying to get some rest in between.

Have you noticed I didn’t mentioned anything about hobbies.¬†Well, I did had a few free hours and I actually watched “Up from a poppy hill” and “The secret world of Arrietty“. I actually cried at both of the movies. Its amazing what Studio Ghibli can do and I really hope they’ll never chance.

Its funny that I have so much energy in me, considering I’ve changed my entire schedule, I’ve started running and I even more fruits. And all of this in just one week. There is just one downside, my legs are killing me. But I’m guessing that’s from the running.

I’m pretty happy with myself. And just as a treat, here’s the view from my new office, I hope you’ll like it.


By the way, I saw this beautiful sunset yesterday it was just a pity I couldn’t take a photo.