So cold, so cold.

I’m starting to think that winter has come and I completely missed autumn. Even our cats (that sounds so nice, our cats) don’t agree with the sudden change in temperature.

Take Suzi for example, she won’t even come on the balcony with us (when we go for a smoke). My ginger (Marlanu) started sleeping with us in bed. He just slips under the covers. May I add that he’s so cute when he sleeps. But then again, Suzi is as cute. When she sleeps she moves and twitches. I often wonder what can she possible dream.

There’s one thing I dislike about this weather: the day has gotten shorter and it’s always gloomy outside. This really brings my mood down and I just don’t feel like doing anything. In fact I just want to stay warm and watch TV.

Truthfully I haven’t been very productive in my personal life lately. I haven’t practiced my Japanese, I am still struggling to finish my Ikebana stitching project and well I’ve been pretty much lazy.

Yup, I need to get moving or I’ll go back on the same road I did in the past.