I’m having one of those days when I feel like everyone is out to get me and I’m not being crazy here.

I really do know that people look down on me so I don’t expect anyone to be happy with what I do around here. But it really gets me when I’m being told to help others (doing the low work because others can’t be arsed to, like unpacking boxes, editing a word document, doing IT work because the guys from IT are total asses and don’t show up when you need them) and I end up staying over hours to finish my work, yet the next day I get scolded for not finishing my own work or in this case for not doing enough.

Did I mention I don’t get paid for working overtime? Did I mention I start my exams this weekend and I haven’t had the chance to study, at all?

So, what can I do?

Well, today I’m heading straight home and I’ll study like crazy. Yup, I’m not going to make the same mistakes like in the past. I’m not going to give up my education just so I can be the mule of the office.