I have once again managed to “rub off” some of my hobbies onto Johnny.

This weekend we went for a walk and on our way he bought me Shaun the Sheep and Timmy. They are really cute. If you press on Shaun’s face he bleats and if you pull his tail he shivers. And if you pull out Timmy’s dummy he starts shaking and cries! Give Timmy back his dummy and he makes cute suckling noises!

They are as cute as my Sponge Bob plushie, which I got for Christmas from one of my brothers. Anyway, this weekend I finally watched “Wallace and Gromit: A matter of loaf and death” and “Wallace and Gromit: The curse of the were rabbit”. The second movie was really funny and the bunnies were so cute when they were crying at the end of the movie. Too bad Johnny couldn’t watch it with me cause he was at a friend, trying to finish her website.

We didn’t go out this weekend, cause it was cold and there aren’t many places open, and those that are open are full. So on Sunday we went at his place, ate some cookies that his mother made, played with Suzi who was more lazy then usual and I played some more Sims Pet Stories. Same old, same old…