Yesterday was Sunday and while most people were out still enjoying their weekend I had to work the afternoon shift.

It wasn’t a big deal because it was actually and easy day and I actually got some interesting calls. But by far the most interesting was a call from a certain Kate Gosselin. Well at first it seems just like a normal lady calling for some info, but after a few more minutes with her on the phone I realized that this was “the” Kate Gosselin from the famous TV show “Jon and Kate plus 8” from TLC.

How cool is that? I even asked her is she was who I thought she was and she said “Maybe” but even her voice was the same. I actually told my co-workers and they said I was being crazy for being so cheery after talking with her. OK, it might not be a big deal, but I thought about why people get excited when they talk with TV personalities. In my case it isn’t that I am a big fan or that I enjoy running after celebrities in my free time.

I was just happy that I got to talk with someone I’ve seen on TV and have a normal conversation with that person. I mean what are the possibilities to talk with foreign celebrities when you live in Romania? Pretty slim actually, I was even lamenting to Johnny how Roxette is coming to Romania to hold another concert at Cluj and how much I would love to go see them. Yet I have no chance of going to Cluj any time soon.

So who knows, maybe I’ll get more interesting calls in the future.