Stress. Annoying co-workers. Annoying clients. Annoying boss. Impossible demands. Deadlines. Computer problems. And I could go on with the causes that can make a person go insane while working.

If you work long enough with someone you will find out about their personality, habits and so on. And there will be some things that inadvertently will drive you crazy. 

The one thing that always gets to me is the annoying co-worker that can’t do an invoice and answer the phone at the same time. Yet she always complains that she has so much work and she’s always tired, yet she took the most days off this year. Not only that, but she always tries to unload her share off work on me or anyone that she might think off.

Explain to me, how can one person use a calculator and not get the same result three times in a row? I can understand that math isn’t her strongest point, but she was using an calculator.

Now tell me, how do I deal with someone like this?

I’ve tried being nice, I’ve tried being a bitch and not talk to her, and now I’m back at being nice but at the same time I’m backstabbing her with every chance I get.

I know that might not make me the best person in the world, but I’m not willing to do someone else work and also get blamed for their mistakes while receiving the same salary.

I’m also aware that she won’t get fired any time soon. She’s one of those people that once you come in contact with, no matter how hard you try to get rid of her, she won’t go away. With that being said, I found out that by being nice to her I also get the scoop on what happens in the entire company and what our bosses are planning to do each month.

I guess that’s the only benefit of “befriending” an annoying co-worker.

Oh please, make Christmas come sooner. I really need some time off from these people. Please!