It’s been two years since I’ve been active on any kind of forums whatsoever. But, recently I joined a forum dedicated to a Korean idol group: Supernova/Cho Shin Sung/Cho Shin Sei.

The forum, Stargaze, is actually a cute community.

I’ve browsed my way around the forum and found many pictures and videos. And, I’m starting to like this song:

SeeYa~ “Gani”

The song features Kim Gwangsu from Supernova and Eun Jung from T-ara.

Also, I’ve found these pictures on the Internet and I’m really loving them. Kim Gwangsu is really growing on me and not just because he’s a hottie with a beautiful smile, but also because he’s talented and has a good voice.

Credit: the names (of the pictures) and the pictures themselves have not been altered.