As I said yesterday, on TVR1 (national television) they have started airing Korean dramas.

And I can’t complain not one bit, because I’m loving them and so are my parents. It’s been a long time since I could sit down and watch TV with my parents without having an argument about what we were watching. Well, TVR1 is “famous” for introducing new things to our country. They even broke the records when they aired “Devdas” one Saturday evening, some years ago. And since then, Hindi movies and soap operas are regular on TV.

I tried to find information about these two dramas and I was surprised when I found a lot of Romanian blogs writing about them. And none of them had a bad thing to say. On the contrary, they were incredibly pleased with them. Some even saying that they were “close to perfection” with the acting and the plot.

The first Korean drama that was aired was “Dae Jang Geum” (English name: “Jewel at the Palace” or Romanian name: “Giuvaerul Palatului“). I must say I really loved it, cause it main focus was food. I was just sitting there and just drooling (since I’m such a foodie) and interesting enough, my parents (since they come from the country side) could relate with some of the ways of cooking. I found that fascinating, since I though Asian cookery is extremely different from European. But, it seems we have more things in common that I thought.

I also loved the actors and the plot itself. It was do different from what you usually see on TV that it was hard not to like it. There weren’t exaggerations (like you usually see in soap operas) and it ended very much the way I like it. Did I say I loved the actors? I loved even the bad ones, especially Court Lady Choi.

The second drama, that was aired right after “Dae Jang Geum” ended was “Ji San Kang Jeong Jo” (English name: “The Wind of the Palace” or Romanian name: “Furtuna la Palat“). I hope I got the Korean name right.

It seems that both dramas were directed by the same person, Lee Byoung-Hoon. Some of the actors I could recognize from the first drama, but I haven’t been watching this one as much as I did the first one because I always get home late and miss it. Or is it because the lacking of food? Either way I only watch it once or twice a week, but mother keeps me updated (but you can’t even talk to her when she’s watching it).

I’m actually really happy that Korean dramas have made their way to Romania. I just hope that soon enough Korean music will also make it’s way here. I know that might be a distant dream. But, I still have the Internet to keep me in touch with the Korean wave.

PS: I’m thinking about buying Korean cooking books for mother.