I like Hyo Yeon. She’s my fav member from SNSD. Below is her dance audition video (the one that made her known as a Dancing Queen):

This might seem random like a random post, but SNSD is going places these days, or better said the group is going international. I am actually pleased about it because I love Kpop, and SNSD is one of my favorite Korean groups.

Not only that, but 2NE1 is having a huge success overseas without any promotions at all. In fact, all the YG artists are popular here in Europe. On Music Channel they started airing Korean videos (I was shocked when I saw TaeYang on TV).

Also, on the Internet the Romanian fans are doing some massive efforts to bring Korean artists here in Romania. Please vote here for Big Bang and click Like for the SM artists.

Everything seems so great but I’m just wondering where are the Wonder Girls and their English album? Seriously, they only released one new song (2 Different Tears) since they started preparing for the American debut. On Allkpop, I’ve read that they are supposed to make a “pop comeback” in Korea. Again, what happened to the English album?

I could say that I’m getting impatient but I am still waiting for that English Album. And I won’t mind a Korean comeback (even if I don’t understand Korean at all). Truthfully a lot of my favorite Kpop artists and groups (T-ara, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, Wheesung etc.) are making a comeback.

For me this is like Christmas, a Hallyu Christmas!

P.S. I just wanted to thank all the people that make subs! Your work is really appreciated!