I was thinking that I would have to say goodbye to my lazy mornings. But, that’s not the case anymore.

It’s true that at 7 AM, 5 days a week, I am making my way back home (since I have the night shift). But, it’s still a lazy morning. While others are rushing to get to work, my day is ending and I can slowly enjoy the summer mornings.

I get to see the sunset from work, which is really pretty (from any part of the building, since it’s a glass building). I get to listen to good music (like “You’re nobody till somebody loves you” by Dean Martin). I take the long, non-crowded route and enjoy the morning breeze.

Lazy mornings

Once I get home, I put on the kettle to make coffee (for John) and take out Pluto for his morning walk. It’s become a ritual.

Pluto Pluto on his morning walk

A ritual that I’ll be doing for the next two months at least. I am hoping that I’ll be able to keep my shift (from 11PM till 7AM). It’s the shift that suits me best considering our current needs. Next week John will start work as well (at a new place) and we’ll be able to see each other in the morning and in the afternoon.

This way we can share the share our chores and responsibilities (taking care of Pluto and Marlanu’). Well, Marlanu’ doesn’t much attention, since cats live in their own world, but Pluto is a different story.


Speaking of Marlanu’, he managed to find another comfortable place to take a nap. Not sure if I should change my bag or not. Oh well, it’s nothing that we can’t handle. The fact that I am still able to enjoy my lazy mornings and get a good sleep during the day makes up for all the other little problems.

Hopefully, I shall a new twist to my lazy mornings, that being photography.