Repetition is the key to learning any new foreign language. But I can’t help but feeling sleepy after 2 hours of practicing. Repeating gets boring really fast and my mind starts to wonder in different places.

I must confess I haven’t practiced as I wished. Actually I haven’t practiced at all in the last month. I can’t even blame laziness this time. I was just busy.

Yet, this morning I told to myself I will practice at least 2 hours. Well, here’s the result of 2 hours of learning:

It’s not much and with some characters I still have a long way to go. But I’m getting there. Soon I shall know the basic hiragana characters.

Well, I have one more thing to share. The new character design for One Piece:

I am just shocked. I usually hate spoilers but this time I just want to watch One Piece some more. They look so different and yet the feel the same. Okay so maybe they haven’t changed that much, still the one that changed the most seems to be Usopp. Heh, I really want to go home now.

I.Want.To. Watch. One. Piece.