Since last week was very stressful because of work, this week I decided it’s time to take it slow.

So what better way to relax than reading a book. The only hard part is choosing what book to read. Since all the public libraries are closed till October, my only options are my own books, and I don’t have that many books. 

I just picked randomly and I started reading The Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll. It was a present from my brother and his wife for my birthday this year. I don’t think I ever read Alice in Wonderland in English.

But what caught my attention were the illustrations, which were rather freaky, well some of them.

And I also remebered reading about the new “twisted” version of  “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton. Well after seeing the illustrations and re-reading the story again, I think it will be a spot on remake.

Actually I can’t wait to hear Helena Bonham Carter scream her lungs out “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”.