Yup, I’ve started another war at home: I came home with a kitten.

Ela sleeping in her pink box

Isn’t she pretty? She’s almost two months old and I’m not sure if she was the lucky kitten in her litter or not.

What I mean is that I am not sure if I’ll be able to keep her. It’s quite simple: I started a new fight with my parents who dislike having pets in their house.

It’s quite sad, but then again I’m going on the same war path I did with Johnny. What’s this war path? Well, when I was first dating Johnny my parents didn’t like having him stay the night over. In fact there were some pretty serious fights on this subject (with my parents and his). But after 7-8 months or so, they got used to having Johnny over and now after almost 4 years Johnny has a key to the house.

So, I know that my parents don’t like this little kitten now but I’m hoping that in time they’ll get used to her. I’ll just have to survive these few weeks.

Just so you know, I’m not very optimistic about this but fingers crossed and hope that mother won’t give the cat away while I’m at work.