And I can’t believe it! Wasn’t he suposed to make a come back? What happened? I woke up this morning and my father said: “Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.”

I knew Farrah Fawcett was going to die because of her fight with cancer, but Michael Jackson!?! My first reaction was: “What are you talking about, Michael Jackson can’t die, he’s alive, he’s planning a come back”. This started a fight between me and my father and I didn’t believe him until I opened the computer and saw the headlines.

It’s like unreal. I called Johnny to be absolutely sure, but I still can’t believe it. ┬áThis is the last person in the world that I would’ve expected to die so suddenly.

Either way, two great entertainers have died and it’s a really sad thing. But I’m very much sure that they will never be forgotten.

Credits to w12517.

Credits to 55chevyguy12