It’s not even the end of January and I already feel myself stuck in a rut. But then again, January has always been a “dead” month for me.

Well, I can’t actually say it was a dead month since I did went on vacation, read books, worked my ass off (at work and at home). But, I just feel unfulfilled like all that I did so far is insignificant. And its a real unfair feeling since I know I had fun even when things didn’t went as planned.

I don’t know, I’m being weird today.

I feel unfulfilled yet when I try to make a list with things to do (for end of January-February), this is what comes out of my head:

  • use the photo camera and actually take photographs
  • take lots of photos of Marlanu’
  • macro photography
  • find online programs to edit photos besides Photoshop
  • select photos to print out
  • make a Bibliophile list to ease things when picking new books to read
  • clean my bookcase
  • clean my portable hard drive
  • clean my netbook drive
  • update my MP3 player list
  • find new music and artists
  • watch “Lie to me” till the finish
  • start watching “I miss you
  • make a list with all Korean drama’s that I want to watch this year (a realistic list)
  • get all the Korean dramas that I want to watch this year
  • renew my subscription at the library
  • try not to fail to many exams this semester (update: 4 exams down, 2 to go)
  • a post with all my stitching projects that I’m working at
  • get a haircut
  • go to the gym more (we have a new gym at work but all places are filled up for the next 2 weeks T_T  actually managed to sign my name twice next week and once for the week after)
  • shave my legs (brace yourself.. it’s still Winter)
  • make lots of quality posts on the blog (about what I have no idea)
  • throw away stuff that I no longer use from my room
  • visit a memorial house during the weekend
  • re-start the Japanese lessons (and as promised post the lessons)
  • use my free time more wisely

See, it’s only silly stuff. I’m such a weird cookie today. I even stayed 10 minutes figuring out what to name this post and nothing came out.

Somehow, I think I should just get some rest.