The books have arrived and now I know why they were on sale.

They have a few scratches and they look used. I’m starting to think they were in storage for a long while. Even so, a few scratches won’t bother to me. I am a fan of antique shops that sell old books. You can find amazing books there and very cheap at the same time. I remember finding in my high school years a English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary. It was huge and I’m guessing it had all the Kanji in the Japanese language. But even as a second hand book it was expensive (around 100 Euro). At that time I was still in school and I had no income.

I often wonder if someone bought it or not. But I won’t be able to find out because that particular shop moved and I don’t know where.

Even so I am happy today. I got new books, new shoes, a new phone (NokiaX2, with 5 MP camera and with good battery, exactly what I wanted) and this weekend we are going to the circus.

Yup, the circus!

I know I said the same exact thing last year and we never went to the circus. But this time is gonna happen because:

  • The first show is today
  • The tickets are cheap
  • They have an elephant and camels
  • We have nothing else on our agenda

I think this will be a good weekend! That and I really want to go to the Antipa Museum. It was in renovation for 2 years and now they have re-opened it. So, I don’t plan on staying indoors. How could I stay at home when I can clearly see that Autumn is here. It might be warmer than usual but if you look closely you can see that the trees have started changing color and there are a lot of leaves on the street.

But, we’ll see where our feet will take us. The main thing is us having fun.