After I read Stardust I started looking up more books written by Neil Gaiman. And on my quest I found this awesome video with Neil Gaiman discussing Internet piracy.

The reason why I like this video so much is because it’s 100% true. That man speaks the truth.

Every time I pick up a book I actually know beforehand what I’m getting myself into. I either read books that are recommended by people on the Internet, real life friends or actually books that at some point or another have been made into movies and I became a big fan and just wanted to read the original book (Harry Potter is a really good example here).

And then there were times when I bought books just because the title was interesting and ended up throwing them at garbage. And they were new books, freshly printed and I had no remorse throwing them.

Basically 75% of my books are second hand. The other 15% are mangas (which have to be new and shinny) and the %10 remaining are books that were given as a gift by family and friends and of course they bought new books.

If I like a book there are chances that in the near future that book will end up on my shelves. It doesn’t matter if I already have the audio or pdf file, that book will end up in my room.