New beginnings

It is done.

I quit my job. I am now waiting to hear news of when my last day with them will be. I do not feel happy. I do not feel relief. I just want to know when is the last time I will have to show myself there. 

The whole experience has left me bitter. 

From what I was told, all my work and effort equals to zero. All the work that I put, all that over time, equals to nothing for them. 2 years of hard work, all down the drain. All because someone doesn’t like me. 

My head hurts and I cannot seem to get out of this gloomy mood. 

I had plans for this year. I wanted to save money to get my drivers license, to get a new bed, to take my British Cambridge exam and more. 

I really need to see things from a different light.

It is a good thing that I left. I was planning on leaving for a while, so might as well get a nudge in the right direction. I was getting way to comfortable, while things were not that great. In fact, they are bad and getting worse each day. It will be hard financially for a while, but we survived worse times. That and there is no debt to pay. 

The worst part of winter has passed. 

I just need to hang in there till the end. Keep my head up and not break down. Easier said then done, but that’s what I must do. 

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