I’ve been working on a new stitching project. It’s a cross stitch miniature and it’s very different from anything I’ve stitched so far.

New stitching project Progress on the new stitching project Cross stitch miniature Almost done, cross stitch miniature

Because I am stressing about getting a job, I couldn’t get in the right mood to work on the needlepoint projects that I’ve started last year. There are a bit tedious and you need to stitch for a couple of days so you can see some results. This is the result of a month stitching (5-6 hours a day).

Krif needlepoint project

While I do love needlepoint more than cross stitch, it’s always good to have a break from it from time to time.

I’m not sure what I will do with the end result of my new stitching project. I think I will browse around and see what others are doing with their miniatures. After all, I’m just a newbie when it comes to adding the finishing touches to needlepoint/cross stitch projects. The best I did so far was to frame 2 of my needlepoint work.

The rest of my projects just sit in a folder (so they won’t get dirty). While needlepoint can be framed and look stunning on the wall, with cross stitch it’s a bit different. I doubt I will find a suitable place for it. So best to make something practical out of it.

Hopefully I shall finish it by the end of the week and have another thing to brag about. Yes, I am a proud stitcher even if I can’t compare with some people out there.