I’m an idiot.

Yup, only I could’ve managed to go to the wrong location to an event that happens every year in the same place. Yup, that’s me an idiot that never gets where she’s supposed to.  Not only that but the convention wasn’t called Otaku festival it was called Nijikon. The Otaku festival took place in May while the Nijikon convention is in October.

I’m an idiot.

The worst part is that this time I dragged Johnny after me. Yup, I managed to convince him to come with me. I was happy that he came with me even if he wasn’t that pleased. Well I can understand him, I wouldn’t have liked to pay for things that I don’t use either. But he’s a nice guy and he supports my hobbies (even financially).

So here’s how it went:

  • we payed the fee and got in
  • I dragged him around looking for the best shops
  • we noticed a lot of people who were cosplayers are a lot of cute cat hats
  • bought a handmade notebook with Totoro and a Chopper plush toy
  • left

Yup, we only stayed about 20-30 minutes there.

I just realized that the only thing that I like about this things/conventions are the goods that I can buy. I don’t like to hang around much, especially since I don’t have many friends that are into anime. So it’s weird to be the only one going alone to this kid of things. Seriously, I only saw people in groups. I know that I had Johnny with me this time, but he was there because he’s my boyfriend not because he wanted to be there.

It’s different when you go with people that share your hobby.

This year there were a lot more shops and a lot more merchandise. I saw many cute things but *cough*Johnny*cough* only bought two: a handmade Totoro notebook (15Ron) and a Chopper plush toy (50Ron). But there was one item I do regret not buying: a Chi wallet (30Ron). It was so cute and functional. Darn you life for not giving me money when I need it most.

There were some Japanese guys there that were selling a lot of cool stuff, and this is were I saw the wallet. But all of their merchandise was expensive. I mean a Totoro wallet was 70Ron! That’s pretty expensive for a wallet. They also had some Totoro plush toys, pretty big in size, but truthfully they were ugly. And after seeing the price of the wallet I didn’t dare ask how much the plushies were.

Oh well, I can’t complain much because I did spend a lot of money this weekend. Besides the things I bought at the convention I also bought new manga’s from MangaShop: 2 new volumes from Dr. Slump and the first 2 volumes from Cross Game.

I’ve spent quite a bit this month on my hobby so I’ll need to behave the next few months. Heh, but I got Chopper and he’s so darn cute I can’t believe it.