It snowed again last night, yet today the sky is clear and it’s sunny.

And I am starting to have those thoughts again, the thoughts of me going away and everything being okay. Yet I can’t go away, there’s no place for me to go on my own (well that’s what I’m saying to myself, but I know for sure that’s a lie) and even if I did have a destination it wouldn’t be fun if I would be alone (again something that keeps creeping in my mind yet I’m certain I would have a blast on my own).

It’s funny how I manage to put down any plan I make for myself.

I really need to go somewhere on my own. I believe that way I’ll make a steep forward and I will most likely be able to finally get on with my own life, without having to way for a push or confirmation from those around me (not like they actually care enough to give me one).

It’s something in the air today. I swear there’s something in the air. Not only do people around me are moody and some in very bad temper but they are making me gloomy. It’s Friday, I should be thrilled the weekend is coming and this Saturday is special (Johnny’s birthday).

And yet I’m sitting here hoping this day will go really fast …

You know what, I’m going to look at a map of Bucharest and try to find a nice place for me to visit on Sunday when I will try to leave the house in sheer desperation.

Until then, hopefully Donkey will cheer me up.