Not meant to be

 In Free time

It was not meant to be. I was not sure if I should post this, but after giving it some consideration, I think I will.

I just got my very first rejection. 

What hurts the most is the fact that when I called in two weeks ago, they mentioned the feedback was positive. That and combined with the referral I got, kinda got my hopes up. Long story short, after a month of waiting the answer was “no”.

They packaged it really nicely as well:

“We have now had the opportunity to consider your suitability for the vacancy and although we found your experience impressive, it is with regret to say, that on this occasion, you have not been successful.”

And continued with:

“We will retain your resume on file to be considered should an opportunity arise.” 

And, delivering the final blow:

“..may I take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort that you have invested, and wish you all the very best in your future career.”

I am sure that every single person goes through this, at some point or another when trying to find a job. I am also certain that it will not be the last rejection that I will receive. That doesn’t make it any less painful.

It really feels like a deja vu for me. The same thing happened two years ago, on three separate occasions, in the same circumstances, with the same results. Confidence wise, I am at an all time low right now. 

What next?

I am going to continue my job hunt. Hopefully, it will be less painful and more productive.

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