I was expecting Autumn to come, but I guess I was not prepared for it. It is bloody cold, and October is just around the corner. 

Officially, there are no more road trips, work related trips, team buildings or any other activity that might involve travelling, planned for the next few months. The hiatus of trips of any nature has started, and it will be for an undetermined period. 

It was fun. It was the the most busiest summer I ever had. Going to Belgium & Netherlands (twice), Greece (vacation), Bulgaria (team building), even hiking in Romania (to places I never heard of till now), was an amazing experience which I doubt I will have the chance to repeat any time soon. 

I don’t mind not having any more trips planned for the following months. I could use some me time at home. In fact, even if I won’t go anywhere, October will still be a full month for me. I’m fully booked at work, already planned out the entire month with different battle plans, in order to cope with the workload *fingers crossed nothing goes terribly wrong*. There is also the house that needs a good scrub. That, and the fact that I also want to indulge in some of my hobbies. My hands are itching for some stitching or knitting. I was thinking, I could knit a scarf like the ones from Harry Potter. 

Heck, I think this is the first morning in weeks where I can actually enjoy my coffee and not gulp it down and run out the door. I was even thinking, that at the end of October the daylight saving time will take effect. That means that at least one night in October I will get the chance to sleep longer. 

Plus, now that the weather is colder, Pluto and Marlanu’ tend to sleep with us. It has been a while since all four of us snuggled together in bed. It is cute beyond words.