The morning bus can be a source of frustration, sleepiness, various diseases, and in some rare cases, like today, a source of inspiration.

This morning, as usual, I waited for the second bus knowing it would be less crowded. It wasn’t! As I was being squished between two girls I was hearing heavy metal music. At first I thought that maybe an emo kid got on and had nothing better to do than annoy us with loud music. But after a closer look I noticed it was no kid. It was an old lady listening to Metallica on her headphones. But the music was so loud anyone could hear it.

It was shocking actually.

I mean, these days’ people seem to frown upon anything that isn’t as it should be. I mean an old lady listening to Metallica on a crowded bus. What is this world coming to? 

I managed to squeeze my way on a seat behind this lady and it down on me that she does not give a single f**k on what others might think of her. That woke me up faster than any coffee.

So, I got off one station earlier and went to the park. I had another half an hour before I had to get to work and why not go to the park. I took my camera out and at first I was a little hesitant with all the people there. So I walked around. After a couple of minutes I found something that caught my interest and took a picture.

Then I took another one, and another one and so on.

At one point a guy with his dog (a cute Labrador I might add) walked right passed me and it didn’t bother me.

It didn’t matter that my photos weren’t great or were pretty much ordinary, it matter that I took them and I was’t embarrassed to do so in public. It was a great autumn morning!