Brown eyed girls

After listeningto the Wonder Girls songs, I decided it’s time I should listen to something else. So I started looking for Brown Eyed Girls video’s on YouTube.

And I’ve come to like their song “How come”, but I hate the video. Not the entire video but just the part where Miryo (Mi Hyea Cho) starts singing and she holds a gun in her hand. It looks like she’s trying hard to get attention, very hard. It was dificult for me to find information about them and it seems they want to be appreciated for their singing skills rather then their looks.

Learning to dance on “Tell me”

It’s snowing and it’s not that cold anymore. But I am not that sure it’s because of the snow, because I am wearing more clothes then yesterday. I just hope it will snow a lot, cause what’s the use of snow if you can’t play with it. The only problem is that Johnny is feeling sick and he might catch a cold. It will suck if it snows and I won’t have a partner to play with snow.

But let’s move on. Yesterday, the songs “Nobody” and “Tell me” where on repeat all day. Not only that but I was actually trying to do their dance steps from “Tell me”. It’s not an easy dance I tell you, that or I’m just not good at dancing and I’m inclined to believe the second option. But even so, that didn’t stop me to try and find something that could help me learn that dance. And I’ve found some really cute videos with their producer, Park Jin-Young, dancing. He’s actually really good at it, well good doesn’t say it all.

But what’s funny in all of this is that I just don’t dance in general, but I really liked the song and the video.

Wonder Girls

I’m an official fan of Wonder Girls (now I miss watching KBS even more). It’s not that hard to be a fan of them, they have really good songs and they are also cute, and I love their clothes.

I’m happy that they are a relatively new group (formed in 2007), cause that makes their songs easier to find, and for them being so popular also helps. Well not that easy, it’s still hard to find them in the shops, but easy on the Internet. Their songs are really catchy and hard to get them out of your mind.

My favorite is So Hee. She’s so cute, plus I like how she looks with the glasses.

Here’s the video from “Tell me”, where Sohee turns into Wonder “Girl” (not woman cause she’s still underage) and saves her friends. enjoy:

A slow start

2009 seems to be a sluggish year with no events planned or things like that. Well it’s only 3rd of January so I might be wrong.

But I do have one problem. It seems that my parents won’t be paying the entire subscription to the cable agency and that means less programs to watch. To them this doesn’t seem like a big problem, they still have the sport and news programs, but for me it’s a huge problem.

It seems that they cut out all my favorite programs: Nickelodeon (that means no more SpongeBob for me), BBC Prime (well this wasn’t such a big loss cause they were airing only re-runs for the past 3-4 years), and then there’s my current favorite KBS.

On KBS they had all those cool shows like Sponge and Open Concert, and I was just discovering Korean music. Here, in Romania, asian music and movies are really hard to find, except Bollywood movies cause you can find those everywhere.

Now I’ll have to use YouTube to hear the latest songs from groups like Wonder Girls or Brown Eyed Girls.

Or I could do a massive search and look for online music shops, but, from my past experience (waiting for two months just for the items to be shipped from Japan), online buying sometimes sucks. Oh well I’ll figure something out.

We’re not dead

But we do have a life, and that usually means we are way to busy to write anything or, worse, to be online.

But today is just like any other day, except we don’t have to go to work. We’re still waiting for snow. It did snow a little, but it was more like teasing.

I’m hoping we’ll start the new year with lot’s of snow and maybe the traffic will become jammed and we won’t be able to go to work. Ah that would be so nice.


“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white”

Somehow, with all the rain we’re having it doesn’t feel like the holidays are coming. I don’t mind the cold, but I sure do mind the rain.

Just one more week of work then vacation. I can’t wait. I just hope that it will stop raining and it will start snowing soon.

Lucky doggy

This “little” doggy was really lucky.

Not only did the dog got out alive but he was unharmed, after he was hit by a car. The car was going 110 km per hour. What’s more funny is that the driver kept on going even after he hit the dog not knowing that he had a new passenger on board.

I guess that’s what you call real luck. If the driver would’ve gone any slower the dog would’ve been a goner.

Source: (and it seems they got the article from Daily Mail). I just like it how fast news travels.

Dragonball movie

I can’t believe it. I’ve read many topics on forums, many anime related blogs and well googled a lot and I found it, the trailer of the Dragonball Movie.

I still don’t know what to say about it. From what I saw, it just looks like all the other fighting movies with special effects and a lot of martials arts. I just don’t get it, why do they want so bad to ruin such a good thing.

I found the trailer on

High heels

It’s Monday, and it sucks.

Not only is it raining but today, at the subway, an idiot in high heels almost killed me. Seriously, she almost fell over me on the stairs cause she tripped or slipped or whatever she did. It really pissed me off. Couldn’t she just fall like any other normal person and not take anyone else down with her. I didn’t even looked at her. It was my bad luck to be in front of her at that time. 

I sure am lucky that she didn’t ripped my clothes off.

Oh well, just two more weeks of work then two weeks off from work. Just a little bit more patience and less people that fall down and I’m free. And just so you know,  no I didn’t even tried to help her. In fact I should’ve been saved from her not the other way around.