So I have Internet connexion at home. It’s not a big thing, but considering I’m not paying a thing for it, well, it’s something. My partner in “crime”, aka Johnny, [...]



Johnny has his first driving lesson today. For safety reasons please stay indoors till his lesson is over. Thank you and have a beautiful day. PS: I can’t believe he posted before me. Grrr


Out of order

Come back next Monday when we will have interesting stuff to write about. For now nothing new, just the world crisis, some bomb explosions in India and about how Romania is next to be affected by [...]



…it was really hectic at work. I actually needed a McFlurry ice cream just to get my “old self” back. Ummm Johnny needed a beer, I guess each with it’s own. But it [...]


Oh my gosh…

The Mystery Machine is in town!!! I even got off the bus to see if I can get an autograph from Scooby Doo and the gang, but I wasn’t that lucky. All I got was some pics of the van, but even [...]


Good morning

Well it is a good morning for me, I don’t know about all you other guys out there. I can’t believe I’m gonna make my first and official post. *excited* So here it is: It seems [...]


Hello hello

So without further introduction welcome to the one and hopefully the only POC and POCH (with “h” mute, like Johnny likes to say) blog. Enjoy you’re reading and in the near [...]

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