Life is all about changes. Nothing stays the same for long and sometimes I wish they would.

For exemple, this morning, me and Johnny went to McDonald’s to get some breakfast. We usually order the same thing, but this morning I wanted an ice cream, McFlurry with Nesquik, more precisely. Well it turns out that they don’t serve that kind of ice cream anymore. Instead they added McFlurry with Lion, and two more things that just look bad, and you can ask and for topping, chocolate or caramel. I tried the one with Lion but it’s not the same.

So once again, another ice cream ruined. Now with what am I gonna eat my cheeseburgers? Cause they don’t taste as good without ice cream.Thank you for nothing, stupid clown.

It’s a dog’s world

As happy as I was yesterday, as sad and angry I became when I saw this poor dog in front of our apartment building. He was in a really bad shape and I think someone might have poisoned him (it’s not something unnatural around here). It really hurt to see him struggle like that, but at 9 in the evening there aren’t many vet clinics open, especially on a Sunday. And we didn’t even had milk at home to give it to him (since milk is really good in case of poisoning). And no there aren’t and special agencies around here like the RSPCA.

I didn’t saw the dog this morning, but I hope he was just cold and that’s why he was shaking like that.

It sucks when you know you can’t do anything for the poor animals, except feeding them.

Wild flowers surprise

Yesterday, father was at the country side to get wine for my brother incoming wedding (aka this Saturday). But that wasn’t the only thing he brought back.

My arms started hurting while lot’s of wild flowers, that grow this time of the year. I am not that crazed about flowers, so I wasn’t impressed with them. So as I stood there sorting them out and putting them in water, I noticed that father brought back more then flowers.

On the wall there was this pretty green cricket. It was really cute and I think he was confused cause he was moving very slowly. At first I got the shoe to you know hit it, but then I took the camera and got some ummm blurry pics of it (the lighting in the kitchen isn’t all that great), and after that I got a piece of paper and well he flew all the way down into the garden downstairs. I must add I live in an apartment building at the six floor. Anyway, here is a picture of the cricket.

Well, on another note, today Johnny had another driving lesson and it seems that the instructor asked him to take notes. That’s a first. As far as I knew, driving instructors, here, ask from students money not to take notes. So I guess he just got a really good instructor. Good for him.


So I have Internet connexion at home. It’s not a big thing, but considering I’m not paying a thing for it, well, it’s something. My partner in “crime”, aka Johnny, was at my place and was checking out my laptop, and he was telling me to get a wireless adaptor so I could get net from my brother PC (he has a password on his computer, I’ll tell you about it in a second), and that meant me spending more money. Money that I don’t have.

So he was looking around when he noticed that I was receiving like 3 wireless connexions in my room. One was secure and I needed a password, the second was faint and the third was good and I didn’t need any passowrd to conect. So free Internet conexion. I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for neighbours.

Okay back to my brother computer. Well, my brother can be selfish sometimes, and so he passworded his computer. But he didn’t put a password on his Administrator account, and Johnny thought me (ain’t he a sweet guy for showing me so many useful stuff), that if you press certain keys you can get in the admin account. So the next step was to put my own personal password on the admin account on his computer.

Ain’t life great.

Oh, and being on a good nore here, I wanted to say congrats to all the americans that voted for Obama. Seriously you made a good choice. Hope things take a turn for the best now.

(The picture was “taken” from Msn main page.)


…it was really hectic at work. I actually needed a McFlurry ice cream just to get my “old self” back. Ummm Johnny needed a beer, I guess each with it’s own.

But it wasn’t that bad. After work, we went to get my manga’s. We went straight to the source, and there was even a cute kitten there. Johnny just couldn’t stop playing with it. (no pics, sorry). Anyway, I got my first 4 volumes of Dr. Slump (by Akira Toriyama) and some more volumes from Dragon Ball (the same author).

The guy from the “shop” told us about this anime “convention” held this weekend. He even gave us a poster. And yup we are going. I know that I won’t like it that much, but it’s good to support this kind of things if you want something better. And manga’s and anime are relatively new here, and many people, mostly idiots, believe that they are bad. But then again they can’t understand all the meaningfull lessons and messages in manga’s and anime.

Well at least I had a good laugh last night, just reading the first volume from Dr. Slump. I truely recomend it. And before I forget about it, here’s a link to the convention website, aka Nijikon 2008: .