What a more beautiful way to start Autumn then by watching a beautiful Bollywood movie.

So, I got my little notebook and looked and names that might inspire me. I picked “Paheli“. I picked the movie mostly because I have some of the songs on my MP3 player and the songs are really beautiful and soothing. “Paheli” it’s an “old” movie from 2005 and it stars Rani Mukerji and Shah Rukh Khan.

The plot is very simple and straight forward: a ghost (played by Shah Rukh Khan) falls in love with a newly wed woman, Lachchi (played by Rani Mukerji).  Lachchi just wed a man name Kishanlal (played by SRK as well) who is more interested in pleasing his father wishes than to play the part of a husband.

So, Kishanlal leaves the house the very next day after the wedding. Lachchi is left distraught and lonely in a new home with no friends. This is where the ghost comes in and takes the identity of Kishanlal. He hides the fact that he is a ghost from everyone except Lachchi. She has to chose between her husband who left her or the ghost who came all the way for her.

Pushed by loneliness, she picks the ghost and they spend 5 beautiful years together. They enjoy each others company, the simple life and by a twist of events Lachchi remains pregnant. All is well until the real husband returns home and the family is left dumbfounded and unable to figure out which is the real Kishanlal.

Paheli” lasts 140 minutes; even so it has a nice flow to it that I didn’t realize when it ended. Unlike other Bollywood movies that make you lose your patience and just skip certain parts just to get to the end, Paheli just works its way nicely till the ending.

It’s a relaxing movie. Its a movie that lets you sit back and just relax. It allows you to drift off and not worry about having chores to do or having to go to work. No dramatic twists and turns of the main plot, no real villains and no silly drama.

The songs are also beautiful. I’ve had some of the Paheli soundtracks on my MP3 player for years now and I still listen to them. My favorite is Dhere Jalna. Enjoy!

It was a nice movie to start off Autumn and October.