Agatha Christie has a very dear place in my heart. She gave me one of my favorite detectives and a most pleasant way of spending my free time.

You know, if you read detective books for quite a while you start to guess what will happen in the majority of them and they lose their charm. This fact does not apply to Agatha Christie books.

I picked “Peril at End House” for two reasons: 1. I could not sleep; 2. The audiobook is narrated by Hugh Fraser.

What better way to go to sleep than to listen to a beautiful voice telling a story. Well, the entire thing backfired on me, I was supposed to tire myself but I only grew more and more interested in this new mystery. ¬†And so I stayed up till 3 in the morning listening to this audiobook, wanting to know who did it. Here’s a short description of “Peril at End House“:

Hercule Poirot’s relaxing holiday on the Cornish coast takes an unexpected turn when he meets young and beautiful Nick Buckley. Though Nick tries to shrug off the bullet that barely missed her as one more event in her recent chain of bad luck, Poirot is convinced she needs his protection. After a fatal attack, apparently aimed at Nick but gone awry, Poirot spirits her away to a nursing home for her protection. Yet even this doesn’t prevent another attempt on her life.

Just to make things clear Nick is the nickname of a young and pretty girl.

Ahh, Agatha Christie really got me with this one. The ending was so unexpected and so shocking that I just laughed like an idiot to myself. I could’ve sworn the murderer was someone completely different. This woman has such a talent of misleading others to the wrong conclusions.

Good books have surprises in them, especially good detective books. “Peril at End House” was captivating, interesting, shocking and full of twists and turns that even Hercule Poirot seems to lose his magic touch; his “gray cells” seem to have diminished in they ability to process the information in an orderly and precise fashion.

Rarely do I have time these days to read a book in one sitting. I should complain that my sleep pattern is already messed up but who cares. I had fun. Yes, it was fun!

I really do hope to get my hand on other books that were narrated by Hugh Fraser. This man is incredible handsome. Yes, he is a real man with a beautiful soothing voice. I really love the fact that he was cast for the role of Captain Hastings in the Hercule Poirot series and that he also narrates some of the books.

This role fits him so well that its hard to say what is his real personality like.