I like myself more and more and no I’m not turning into a narcissist. I just like the fact that I am getting things done and it feels so good not to put myself and my wants/needs on second place.

Yesterday I actually made an effort and had a quick run to the park to meet with one of my friends. But because the buses were late we only had like half an hour to spend. I had a doctor appointment at 6:30 P.M. so I couldn’t stay. But it was a fun half an hour.

I didn’t took many photos yesterday, just a few and I only like two from those few:

[nggallery id=252]

Because I wasn’t pleased with the photos I took, this morning I decided to just go to the park near my work place and practice a little bit more. The weather was on my side. I love foggy mornings; the trees were frozen and all white. It was really pretty.

While the dogs were barking at me, I was focusing on taking some macro photos. It was really hard because it was bloody cold and I had no gloves. But I think I took some decent photos.

[nggallery id=253]

The best way to start a day is by doing something you like. And truthfully, I was wasn’t even late for work. In fact I was the first one to get to work. Next time I should focus on taking photos of the crows. The contrast between the white landscape and the crows really fascinates me. I also should work more on my macro photos.