Puppy training

There are times when I wish Pluto could be like this cute puppy:


And there are times that I don’t want to train him since I like his quirky personality. I have this idea in mind, that if I take Pluto to a dog trainer he won’t be the same afterwards. That the trainer will somehow distort his personality. Yet we cannot leave him the way he is. He isn’t the worst puppy when it comes to obedience, but he isn’t great also.

So either we puppy train him at home or take him to a dog trainer. I don’t want him to know all the tricks, but I would like him to stay, wait & sit when we go for dog walks. We live in the city, the streets are crowded with cars. The nearest park is about 20 minutes away and there are others dogs in the neighbourhood. I think simple commands are the best and easiest to use.

Also, I would like him to stop eating everything he finds on the street. That is a real concern for me. There are a lot of people who dislike dogs, and I’ve heard a lot of stories about dogs being poisoned because they ate something they shouldn’t have.

We are still debating on what’s the best course of action regarding Pluto’s education.

Puppy training for sleeping

I am not sure if puppy training your dog at home is a good idea but we will try. We just simply love Pluto to death no matter how many things he breaks. The same thing applies for Marlanu’ as well, but he doesn’t need training.

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