If you bought the TV Guide (TV Satelit) I’m sure you’ve noticed the beautiful picture of Mi Shil (from The Great Queen Seon Deok) on the front page.

There’s also a 2 page article about the Korean drama inside the magazine, and there’s only good stuff written about it. In the article, they also mention something about the drama having its own Facebook page. So, if you’re on Facebook and you are a fan you should visit it (and even join).

Also, on TVR2 (not TVR1), there’s a new Korean drama: “Cronicile frumoasei luptatoare” (English name: “Damo”; Korean name “다모/조선 여형사 다모”). The first episode was aired this Sunday, but if you’ve missed you can watch it on Youtube (the subs are in Spanish).

And all I can say is that the Korean wave is definitely hitting us. Now, if they could only broadcast the music programs that would be awesome. In fact, I’ll go even with normal dramas like: “Coffee Prince”, “Boys over flowers”, “God of study”, etc.

Okay, the last one is still in production/filming but one can only hope right.