The perfect weather for a good old sit at home and read a book is here. And yet, on these rainy October days, we are installing the new kitchen cabinets.

The house, a total mess, is uninviting and cold. 

My only thoughts are Oh well.. There will be many other rainy October days. In fact, the weather will get colder and colder. And with this excuse, I placed an online order for two pair of boots. Estimated delivery time: two days. Where: at work. So, even if I will have a bad day at work, I will have one thing that will make my day.

Hopefully, we will finish installing the new kitchen cabinets till the end of the day. That would allow me an hour or two to sort through things, throw away what is not needed, clean up and maybe get some rest in the evening. That’s what I am counting on, but my energy levels are getting lower and lower with every passing hour. 

It will all be worth it in the end. A lil bit of effort from our side now, will mean that we will be able to enjoy other rainy October days. That, and the kitchen will look better and will be more practical.

Till then, I shall have to drink more coffee and just keep doing stuff to clean up the place. We will have time to rest next weekend. No plans for then, so that means we can sleep away all day long.