This has been a long week and I am exhausted.

Yet I feel like writing about something but truthfully I don’t know what to write about. I do have a few thoughts in my mind that I’ve been trying to write down but nothing came out right.

So I’m just going to make a list about them:

  • I cut my hair recently and I hate my bangs. I was smart enough not to cut my hair shorter and just give it a new shape since it grew uneven. Hopefully the bangs will grow soon.
  • My hands look like I’ve played with barbed wire. Must teach the kitten not to attack hands, even if he’s only playing.
  • I’m happy that my skin looked perfect for one month straight. No pimples or black spots. Maybe a few dark circles around my eyes, but I worked almost 12 hours each day so it was inevitable. Lessons learned: don’t touch your face with your hands.  A good daily scrub does wonders as well as drinking water.
  • I’ve been told recently by a co-worker that I changed for better. She was referring to me paying more attention to the way I dress, putting on make-up and just losing the extra weight. It felt nice to receive a compliment, but just made me wonder how people used to see me. Probably like a hippie or something similar. Still, I am not done with my transformation.
  • Going to the movies tonight with another couple. It’s a first for me and Johnny. We went to the movies with family and friends but never with another couple. I only meet them just once, and now I’m just thinking about what I’ll wear tonight. Probably jeans, sneakers and a nice blouse.
  • I still hate the secretary!
  • Haven’t started university yet. I’m thinking of taking a couple of hours off on Monday to see what’s going on with my schedule.
  • I’ve been thinking for a while if I should lose a little bit more weight. I’m currently around 58kg and I wanted to get around 53-54kg. But the problem is I don’t have time to work out. Not in my current situation.
  • I got envious of a person that has what I don’t have only to feel bad about it, considering she wants what I have. That and I don’t crave so much attention from others enough to make the effort.
  • Come sunny weather. I want Autumn photographs. Hopefully I will convince Johnny for a walk in the park this weekend.
  • Why are some idols so good looking? It should be illegal to look so good in such simple clothing.

With that said, have a great weekend! I’m off to my boring reality, until I leave from work.