It’s not even mid November and people are already starting to put up Christmas decorations. Well, the big shops anyway.

It’s annoying cause it just gets you confused and anxious. Sincerely, when I see tree decorations I think that soon I will get a few days off and I will be able to sleep till noon , slack around the house and eat a lot of good home made food. But then I realise that it’s not even December. And I’m like “NOOOOOOO”.

So they just get you excited over nothing cause Christmas is a long way to go, a full month more precisely. But, I guess that didn’t stop me to go out and buy a Christmas singing teddy bear with a sock attached to it.

Oh well there’s nothing I can do now and just wait till December, for Saint Nick (6 December) and Santa Claus (25 December). And I’ll add and my father and brother birthday, plus me and Johnny’s one year since we’ve been dating (26 December), and a few other celebrations and heck, it’s gonna be one party after another.

Waiting is not one of my strong points.