I don’t know how many people still remember these two characters, but I kinda grew up watching these cartoons on our really old TV with my 3 brothers. I guess they are similar to Tom and Jerry, but they did had their own charm.

But, now I get to see Pif and Hercule every day when I go to work. There is this kids shop that uses them as a logo. And whenever I pass by it, I remember when I was a kid and when I used to watch Sandy Bell, Nu pagadi (Russian Road Runner version), and many more beautiful cartoons. I kinda miss those days.

Life seems so different now than it was then. Days really do pass by just too fast for me. I just don’t manage to do anything that I like and when I do, I feel like I’m forcing myself to do it. Less is definitely more.

It’s like I want to see so many things and do even more things but time doesn’t allow me to, and when I do find time I just want to sleep or play Sims. I just don’t understand why kids these days want to grow up (girls especially). There’s nothing fun by being a grown up. Seriously, you can’t even skip work and bring a fake note from parents, there’s no 3 months summer break, and money are seriously over rated.