Remembering the good times

Remembering the good times, because that’s what is important. I want to remember my happy moments.

Even simple moments are happy moments. Staying at home, enjoying some free time with Pluto and Marlanu’. Watching TV or reading a book. Those are moments I should be focusing on. I couldn’t be more happy that people invented smartphones. Looking through all the pictures on it, I’ve realized how much fun I’ve had.

Work might not bring me much joy (at the moment), but the rest seems almost amazing. 

We’ve had our summer vacation (one mega road trip), awesome theater plays, awesome outings with friends, buying and getting awesome books, stitching (I missed it so much).. 

Why are our brains so set on focusing only on the bad things, but never on the good things?

I’ve been to some awesome places, seen some awesome things (and animals).

Cascada Bigar

Hateg Natural Rezervation (Bison)

We’ve even visited the Timisoreana beer factory. That is a place we must definitely go back to. The beer and food there was amazing.

I’ve finally went to the theater, not once but three times. And for the last play we’ve went to Cluj, by the night train. It took us 9 hours to get there. It was totally worth it and much fun.

Even running around the city was fun. Also, people are so nice in Cluj. 

I should be happy and keep being happy. Trying out new things and also making happy memories. After all, this is what is important. That and taking care of myself and the ones I love. Plus, by visiting new places I get to buy books, and on the last trip I found a beauty in a thrift store.

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