Ruined boots

You know what, buying clothes or shoes from big name stores doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get quality.

Johnny bought me this really nice pair of boots 2 months ago. I was so taken with them but I couldn’t afford them at that time. They were pretty expensive. But Johnny bought them for me. I’ve been wearing them only occasionally and the weather has been nice, I mean it didn’t rain or anything. But the boots got ruined and now I am forced to throw them away. What’s more interesting is that my friend bought similar boots and hers also got ruined.

Wanna know something even more interesting?

The market is full with the same style boots (made from the same material). Now, either I just suck it up and wear my old real leather boots (which I’ve been wearing for 3 years now; they are in perfect condition) or throw money away on some silly boots just because they look nice.

Now call me cheap, but I think I’ll just wear my old ones. Fashion you suck.. our money away. I hate you!!!

5 thoughts on “Ruined boots

  1. cre-cre says:

    Andra, I know that. It only pissed me off because Johnny bought them for me.

    And hey Alexis, I don’t know if they are designer boots. They might’ve been bought from a posh shop in the mall but I doubt they were that posh. Plus I already threw them away.

    And distressed is one thing but my boots were totally ruined in the back. I doubt anyone could’ve wore them.

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