There are two Korean love songs that I truly love. I’m infatuated with them, but I also came to the conclusion that, if the video wasn’t awesome I wouldn’t have loved them as much.

The two songs that I’m talking about are “Without a heart” by 8eight and “My tears are dropping” by K.Will.

So Hee (from the Wonder Girls) stars in “Without a heart” and Yuri (from Girls Generation) stars in “My tears are dropping”. I really like them in the music videos and I wish they would have more projects like this.

I’m having a hard time choosing between the two songs/two girls. I find the songs equally great and touching; I like the cute So Hee (hey I am a Wonder Girls fan, after all), but I don’t know what to say about Yuri.

From Girls Generation I like Hyoyeon and Sooyoung best. Yuri reminds me of one of my brothers (she’s got a “player” kinda of feeling to her). But she looks and acts great in the video.

8eight – “Without a heart”

K.Will – “My tears are dropping”

Can you choose between the two songs/two girls?