3 weeks have passed since I lost my job and in this period of time I actually tried to put some order into my life.

And I did.

At first I was lost in space because I just had way to much free time on my hands but now it feels normal. I  don’t procrastinate all day long. No, I actually have time to study for my exams (which start this weekend), I get things done around the house, I have more time to go out with friends (and what a shock I had this weekend), I even had 5 interviews (but I went to 3 of them), read books, watch movies etc.

In general I am calmer.

That job, although I loved what I doing, was really bad for me. It just ruined my entire social life. All I did was work, go home and hang out with Johnny in my free time. And that’s how it was for 5 years.

I really am a workaholic.

This weekend, I went out with Johnny and his friends. I know his friends, we went out a few times before and I really enjoyed their company. But this weekend I realized that I am really out of touch with almost everyone around me (except Johnny).

I just sat there and listen to what they were talking. I just had no idea what to say. They were talking about Romanian celebrities, different TV shows, what kind of spa do they go to, what kind of treatments and creams they use for cellulite, what shops they visited, eventually they started talking about their jobs but it was only for a brief moment. And they just kept on like this the entire night.

And I just sat there, smiling from time to time. At one point, around midnight they aired Midsummer Murders on ProTV and for an hour or so I just watched the TV.

First of all, I was expecting not to relate to their beauty talk (fortunately enough I don’t have any cellulite, my skin is in good condition and besides my belly I am fit) since I am a tomboy, but I  wasn’t expecting not to be able to get a word in at all.

It’s funny and sad at the same time. Socially awkward, yup very much.

Now I know that to a certain degree I won’t be able to relate to most Romanians because truthfully I am an Otaku and I get all my info, entertainment, friends from the Internet but it would be such a waste of my wonderful personality if I don’t make new friends.

I’m likable, sometimes funny, pretty (beautiful its way out of my league), smart enough to know when to shut up and when to talk, and in general a good person.

Now, I should just stop worrying about everything and just enjoy myself. After all even the weather is on my side, since it started raining in the same week I quit my job and it hasn’t stopped since then. Who knows, it might stop if I get a job, so if people want nice weather then they should hire me. 😀