I am one of those people that would love to have a pet. Every since I was little I tried to convince my parents to let me have a cat or even a dog. But it didn’t work out. I could just bring the animals and the next thing was me giving them away.

I even had guinea pigs for one year, but it was hard to tell which was a girl and which was a boy and after a few months from 2 guinea pigs I had 4, then I managed to give one away. They were really fun to have, and cute. I still can’t believe that some people eat them.

Even Johnny has a cat (Suzi), and his parents treat her like a baby. Well she is really cute, and fat, and that makes her even more cuter. And I’ve read about people having weird animals for pets, and now this: “British people have a fox pet, and they transformed their house in a more suitable place for her”. Well “transformed” is a bit of a big word here, all they did was made a shelter for her out of boxes and a blanket. But even so, they have a fox and I can’t even get a cat. That is really unfair.

Oh, but there are and good things happening around. Johnny got me tulips, pink tulips that is and they are really nice and all that.

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