We’ve just lost our main transportation for a indefinite period. It really sucks since we have monthly subway passes and now we can’t use them (even if we paid for them).

As bad as that sound, it is fun to ride the bus in the morning, but only when it’s not crowded. Today, we were lucky cause we even had seats, but we were at work a half an hour earlier (because we left earlier so we wouldn’t catch the morning crowd). At least we had time to make coffee, read the newspapers and online websites without having to worry about slacking. Even so, it sucks changing your route to work, especially during winter time.

We can’t do anything about this strike and I think that the people that work at the subway are being unfair. They have the highest salaries in town and they still aren’t happy about it. Metrorex is one of the most profitable “business” in Bucharest and maybe even in Romania. They make a lot of money (and profit) since a lot of people depend on the subway to get on time to work.

The worst part, if they don’t get the raise they are asking for they intend on raising the prices for subway passes and that sucks. The subway is the fastest and cheapest way to get around in Bucharest. I would hate to have to go to work on a bicycle during winter time. And I don’t even have a bicycle.

Hope things get back to normal soon!