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I know for sure that this past few months I’ve changed a lot. I have experienced things that I have not dreamed of. And yet, I still find myself in weird situations, being pulled back to old places and towards old friends

Unlike the old me, who would’ve been most upset, the current me is amused. I’ve just lost a few friends today. They are dear to me, but I cannot deal with them anymore. I cannot deal with the gossip, with the she said, he said things. This situation just proved me that I don’t need that kind of people in my life. It also showed me which people need uprooting from my life. 

It is also another step forward. It is a step towards focusing more on myself and what I need to do with my life, rather than on other people, their problems and so on.

Sounds silly, I know..

This year keeps surprising me in the most unexpected ways possible.. Leaving aside the amusement on fast news travels, it is a bit sad knowing that you can never know whom to trust or not. Bad business this is. Trust is important in any kind of relationship, and I as proven over and over again that most people do not care about that.

This is why it is important to me to have this written down: a reminder for future times.

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