A new song from Supernova: “Shining Star”

Thanks to: Sarangbebe1

I can only laugh watching this video.

I find their dance pretty funny and I can’t seem not to notice how much makeup the boys have on, especially Sungje with his lipstick/gloss at the beginning of the video. I understand the fact that many (if not all) male stars wear makeup in order to look good, but I will never understand why they need to use so much. I guess it’s an “each with its own” thing. But men wearing makeup have always put me off, especially men who want to give the impression of manliness.

Moving on, I’m happy they have a new song (complete with video) out. I was starting to worry that they will go back to the “shadows”. And I’m even more happy that it’s easier to find news about them since various sites seem to write more and more about them.

I’m also waiting for the girls from T-ara to release a new song. I’ve heard that this will happen in December (thanks to allkpop). After all, they will have a new member, Hwayoung. So it will be interesting to see what she can bring to the group.