Yesterday it was Wonder Girls with “I feel you”, today is T-ara with “So crazy”.


This is week is getting better and better.

For the very first time we get to see two of the top kpop idol group perform at the same time. While, this means nothing much for outsiders, in Korea is a big deal. There will be comebacks stages, show appearances and the fight for the number one spot will be highlighted. That and Girls Generation already had a summer comeback with “Party” (another summer themed song with a cute video showcasing the girls). So, a lot of comparison and fan wars will be taking place in the next month (at least).

I’m just happy to see more singing activity from my favorite groups. While with “I feel you” from the Wonder Girls I needed some time to get used to it (maybe because I was missing Sun’s and YeEun strong vocals). With “So Crazy” from T-ara it was instant love.

I’m not sure if it’s from the cute concept of the song, but as usual it’s a catchy one. Another summer song to be added to the list. The theme of the video proves it. I am still waiting for a more serious theme (like “I go crazy because of you”) or a beautiful ballad (from both groups).

 There’s still one more comeback I am waiting for, and it’s not a girl group. In September, the guys from “Supernova” (ChoShinSung or ChoShinSei) will release their newest album. I know for sure they will have a few ballads thrown in there, and that makes everything much better.