A Lovely Sunday

Busy day, but lovely nonetheless.

Today was the first round for the president elections in Romania. We’ve been good citizens and we already cast our vote. We were actually amazed since it was really crowded. In Romania, it’s weird to see people staying in line just to vote.

Now we have to wait for the results. Somehow, I am hoping for a good result, since it’s tiresome to live in country where the politicians are the biggest crocks.After voting, we went out for a car ride till we reached Carol Park.

There we had some fun with Pluto. It was awesome, since there were a lot of people with puppies. Pluto had a lot of fun, and seeing how he is sleeping right now, I think he got more exercise than he bargained for.

There was also an antique fair in front of the park. I didn’t buy anything expensive, just 4 rings. I would’ve bought more since there were a lot of pretty things there, but Johnny was smart enough not to take too much money with him. What can I say, I love rings.

And now, here we are. At home, each doing his own thing. Johnny’s taking a bath, Marlanu’ and Pluto are both sleeping and I’m here rambling about our day.

One day excursion

We just came back from our mini excursion to Targoviste.

Everyone said that we were crazy to go there since there aren’t many things to see. Well, it was really nice, clean, relaxing and the food was awesome.

It took us 40 minutes to get out of Bucharest (it wasn’t even the rush hour!) and one hour to get to Targoviste. The road was nice and we had no dramas. Well I had a mini drama at a gas station where I got stuck in the bathroom. But after a few minutes pushing and pulling I managed to free myself.

We went to the old ruins and Chindiei Watchtower and we were the only ones there. After months on interacting with so many people, over crowding and traffic in Bucharest, Targoviste was a breath of fresh air. My only complaint is that it started sunny then when we got up on the Chindiei Watchtower it got foggy and we could barely see the view.


I really like mini excursions like this one. But there one downside: the coming back home! It took us 3 hours from Targoviste to Bucharest, one hour on the highway (where we saw an accident), and two hours to enter in Bucharest and get home. It was chaos!

At least we got home safe, that’s what matters. Hopefully I will get my drivers license and this year I will be able to have more trips.

October.. and its gone

We’re already in November. There is less then two months till Christmas and the New Year is coming fast.

And here I am wasting my days, sleeping away my youth and just being annoying most of my time because I don’t get enough good rest. There is one thing to get a good 8 hour sleep and another to stay in bed for 12 hours at a time but not being able to sleep because of all the noise and not being able to do things because of being to tired to stand or walk.

So, there’s no solution for me just to stick it out and hopefully they will give me an afternoon shift.. or else I might go Hulk on their asses.

Moving on…

So, last weekend it was Nijikon and I didn’t went.

I know, you must be wondering what in Gods name came over me not to go to the only anime convention that I like. Well, someone *cough*Johnny*cough* got a hold of a car and we went on a road trip. It was nice, not awesome nor awful, just nice. The company was OK, well most of our company.

I don’t know if I am becoming more grumpy because I’m just tired in general or the people around me really are annoying. I’m going to say that both options sound about right.

Either way I was out of the house and into the open fresh air and it was perfect for me. The weather couldn’t have been any nicer, the food was good, I did get some sleep in the afternoon even if I was rudely awaken by someone who was grumpy because they were hungry, but we’ll let that one slide.

So of course I’ll have to post pics or else it will be like it never happened.

Not many pictures to post because most of them are with people and I don’t like to post pics with people in them.

Either way, it was fun. I enjoyed the ride but truthfully a part of me regrets missing out on Nijikon. This year there were a lot of events that were pretty cool. You see, I could’ve always went to friends and family but that damn convention is only once a year. Am I being an idiot, probably but there some things that mean a lot more to me than they do to normal people.

Some nice areas of Bucharest

There are a lot of places in Bucharest which I never been to. And its a pity because some of them are really interesting from my point of view.

For example, last week we went to Obor train station to pick someone and the train was late as usual and we just strolled around. It was such a lovely Autumn day, sunny and warm.

And then out of nowhere a beautiful cat…

It was so pretty and it kept meowing but never came close to us. I think she probably knew I was going to steal her if I would’ve gotten my hands on her. I know, I know, I already have a cat at home and he’s been keeping me busy lately and it’s not nice to steal.. but it was so pretty.

Anyway, as I was saying we strolled around and went to the park, we went up on the old bridge that overlooks the train station, we went to a nice bistro had an omelette, and I even managed to buy some new clothes.

It was such a nice day. I rarely have such nice days when I can just go on long walk, eat whenever I want and wherever I want, buy stuff and just take photos like a tourist.

The nice weather is still going strong and I can truly say I miss the sunlight. I have 3 more weeks on the night shift and then I hope to get an afternoon shift.

And there goes August

Summer is technically over, but it will be a while before we will have to take out our Autumn jackets. I actually can’t wait for the warm weather to just go away. It’s has been a very warm Summer and I am not one to like the heat.

But still, the Summer has been good with me. I am starting to believe that Karma has not forgotten me. I had lots of fun these past few weeks. Going out with friends/family, going to the gym, getting good feedback from work and so on.

One of my favorite outings this summer was going to the Zoo. It was my fourth time visiting the Zoo and I can actually say that I will never get bored of it.

This time I was actually prepared and had my camera with me.

I think I was more excited than all the kids there. I was looking at the big cats and the reptiles while the kids were just bored. It was really a shame because I wanted to stay just a bit longer and just enjoy those beautiful tigers but my company got bored easily.

So we only stayed there for half an hour.

I don’t regret this because I think I’ll go again in the near future and I will be with better company this time since Johnny is in town. And I can’t wait to hear the lion roar again.

After the Zoo we went to the park. It was very crowded being late in the evening but I still had a great time. I had ice cream, took some nice photos of the swans and just enjoyed the walk.

I also wanted to mention that this outing happened right after I got off from work. So let me explain, the day before the outing I did not sleep at all, I worked all night, got home around 8AM, we got ready and left around9AM. We got home from the Zoo around 14 PM. I got to sleep 3 hours then in the evening we went out again and then back at work till the next day when straight from work I took them to the train station then back home where I slept for another 6 hours or so.

It was an interesting experience.

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