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Busy Bee

It’s 9PM and I am tired.

I’ve been a busy bee today. I’m proud to say I completed every task I set my mind on and even a little extra. I may be a long way till the end result, but I’m still happy.

I had work today, after work a short visit to the in-laws and back home. I finished ironing clothes for the next week, still have another batch prepared for tomorrow. I’ve cleaned our closet and it’s so nice now that I can find something without digging in a pile of clothes.

Somehow cleaning helps me relax but at the same time it kills my body. At least I am sure I will have a good night sleep.

~~~~ Cleaning Quote ~~~~

“But there is enough in life that has to be done, without vexing our souls and wearing out our bodies over work that is not essential either to the happiness or well-being of our fellow” – Mrs. Owev’s Cook Book and Useful Household Hints by F.E. Owens 1903


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We’re not dead

But we do have a life, and that usually means we are way to busy to write anything or, worse, to be online.

But today is just like any other day, except we don’t have to go to work. We’re still waiting for snow. It did snow a little, but it was more like teasing.

I’m hoping we’ll start the new year with lot’s of snow and maybe the traffic will become jammed and we won’t be able to go to work. Ah that would be so nice.